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“The Association of American Publishers revealed today that e-book sales have tripled in the last year.”

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To get a book published is the dream of millions of people. For many that would remain a dream until now. Thanks to the e book revolution now anyone can publish their own books. The problem is how to publish your book and make money.  Do you need expensive software?

The power of becoming an Amazon Kindle publisher is that you have the opportunity to reach thousands of people: we’re talking serious volume here. Amazon pays up to 70% of your sales to you as a royalty. So, if you charge $1.99 for your ebook, you can earn up to $1.39 per sale. That may not sound like much, and you can certainly charge more for your book. Just think about the Millions of people with EBook Readers!

Kindle books are available for purchase on Kindle devices, Kindle Cloud Reader, and on Kindle apps for  iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Android-based devices, and Windows Phone 7. Your book can be published in a number of languages and be made available around the world.

It’s also important to note that you can publish just about anything via Kindle. Many other self publishing tools limit what you can publish, but Kindle accepts anything from cookbooks and dictionaries to graphic novels and fully illustrated children’s books.

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m about to sell something to you here. And being upfront about such a thing is usually frowned upon by most marketers but I’ve got such an awesome product here for you that you’d be glad that you chanced upon it.

Introducing The Smart Kindle EBook Maker

Here’s what it’s all about. A while ago, I found myself in the same place you currently are. I was desperate to make cash. That led me to discover the benefits of publishing books on Amazon From my discovery, I found that sales for my EBooks came in while I shopped, watched TV, Slept. In fact I didn’t need to be anywhere near my PC and the sales of my EBooks Rolled in. All I had to do was upload my book once and leave the rest to Amazon.

And now I want you to experience the same transformation by using the exact, same method to get to where I am today!

The Smart Kindle EBook Maker


When I first began publishing books on Amazon, I needed to spend hours formatting my books. The Smart Kindle EBook Maker made it easier to format my EBooks ready to upload to the Amazon Kindle Shop. The Smart Kindle EBook Maker Software is simple to use. All you do is follow the on screen prompts. Then simply click a button and your file is ready for you to upload your kindle formatted EBook  I have made it my goal to get this incredible Software  in as many hands as possible, so that people can see and enjoy the same benefits just like I did.

You are about to discover how you are going to experience the power of this easy to use Kindle Book maker


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What Is Kindle Publishing and Why Use It?

  • #1 Royalties
  •  #2 Low Production Cost
  •  #3 Ease Of Use
  •  #4 Availability

Bonus 2 – Tips for Creating a Kindle Bestseller

 Writing Your Book – Tips for Creating a Kindle Bestseller, what you need to know about kindle publishing. In this module we cover:


- #1 Know Your Audience

- #2 Narrow Your Focus

- #3 Offer a Benefit and Make Sure Your Title Conveys That Benefit

- #4 Book Reviews

- #5 Edit and Polish

So in return for giving you all this valuable stuff, I’m going to only ask you to invest a tiny amount of just $19.97 to get it.

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I know the concerns you have. So I want you to try it out for the next 14 days and if during this period, you are unsatisfied for any reason, all you have to do is contact me and I’ll refund you the full purchase price no questions asked.

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I have just launched the Smart Kindle EBook Maker.. I want to build a list of satisfied customers. My plan is to sells this incredible software at a much higher price

I’m just a normal guy who has discovered the Smart way to publish Kindle EBooks and I just want to share it with as many people as possible as I know that it is going to change their lives!

But I can’t guarantee this product will be on sale forever at this incredible price. Now you have the opportunity to make a change to own a copy of the kindle EBook Maker So grab hold of it before the offer disappears!

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