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Dear Friend,

If you are an affiliate marketer this could be the most important letter that you read. Everyday affiliate marketers just like you and I are having our commission stolen from right under our noses.

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m about to sell something to you here. And being upfront about such a thing is usually frowned upon by most marketers but I’ve got such an awesome product here for you that you’d be glad that you chanced upon it.

Is it fair to say that unscrupulous people want to cheat you out of your commission.  Let’s be honest you’ve done all the work to get a prospect to the sales page, it’s only fair that you get paid, Right!

Is It Possible to stop the Commission theft?

Yes, Introducing

The Smart Affiliate Link Cloaker

In fact, you are now probably closer to the solution than you ever been. The Smart Affiliate Link Cloaker will securely hide your Clickback, WSO JVZoo etc affiliate links. Because it conceals the fact it’s an affiliate link, you can increase your click through rate. Buyers are often reluctant to click on affiliate links. The Smart Affiliate link Cloaker makes your link natural. It can even give the impression that it’s your product.

Let take a quick look how it works. Let’s say that you find a product that you want to promote. You grab an affiliate link. It could look something link this

Beside looking messy, it’s not hard to work out that’s an affiliate link. With the Smart Affiliate Link Cloaker you can totally disguise the link. Here’s a link that I made:

The link above looks like is a file on my blog. My blog is at

I created a file call “Recommends” you could call it anything you want. A few ideas “our shop” “Awards” “Affiliate Tools”

I urge to click on both links. You’ll notice the difference in the appearance of the address bar in your browser. The cloaked link only displays the cloaked link and not the destination link. The commission thief has no way of knowing how to hi jack your affiliate link. This video show how easily you can cloak your affiliate link with The Smart Affiliate Link Cloaker


The Smart Affiliate Link Cloaker

Put a stop to your commission being stolen today. This is highly effective.

Also the links are Google friendly.  You may find that using Smart Affiliate Link Cloaker improves you ranking in Google




  • The Smart Affiliate Link Cloaker will protect all your affiliate links and
  • The Smart Affiliate Link Cloaker will keep your hard earned commissions from being stolen from under your nose.
  • Your prospects won’t even notice it’s an affiliate link. The best part, you’ll still earn for your commissions!
  • It’s your choice where you send them. No need to send them to the merchants’ squeeze pages. Instead send your prospects directly to their sales pages or even your order page
  • You can even create your own sales page. Then sent your prospect directly to the order page.

Using the Smart Affiliate Link Cloaker can maximize your affiliate earnings. Don’t lose another commission act today and get the Smart Affiliate Link Cloaker

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Protect your affiliate earnings today. Don’t lose another penny to the affiliate thieves.

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